Sketch BDRML is a desktop editor application for the BDRML language. It allows you to:

  • Create, export and share BDRML diagrams through a user-friendly interface
  • Easily prototype your multi-agent algorithms, helping you to think about how data is used within your system
  • Judge feasibility of your solutions before they are implemented
  • Learn BDRML through hands-on experience, guided by helpful hints about the rules of the language

The team

Team lead & interface design: Dr. Lenka Pitonakova
Software development: WeiChen Lin, Sam Sutherland-Dee
Collaborators: Prof. Seth Bullock (University of Bristol), Ben Rayneau-Kirkhope (Thales UK)

Funders: The United Kingdom Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, University of Bristol

(C) 2018 University of Bristol